Sunday, 13 April 2008


a homage to Raul Bañuelos

A flower had, on the mountain, the most amazing thoughts:
that the sadness in the trees flows
from the stars that overwhelm them,
and the wind brings fear and freedom
in the midst of flower dreams.

A flower had, in the wind, these very fragile thoughts:
that its roots are scared and freed
by the mountain’s mountain dreams,
and that darkness comes with the rain
of stars that overwhelms it.

A flower had of man the most enduring, fragile thoughts:
that his darkness comes from the life that overwhelms him;
that this instant scares and frees him
in a flow of instant dreams.

An instant had of man the most enduring thoughts:
that his freedom comes
from being mountain, star and rain;
and man, as he flows in fragile dreams.

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