Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Casa grande page 3


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‘What happened to your hand?’ Gil asked.

‘It has blisters,’ Kima replied. Gil kept looking at her until she added ‘from cutting sugar cane’.

‘I can see why,’ said Gil. ‘If you're as good at it as you are at grass cutting. You should be working in the kitchens. If you want, I'll put in a word for you’.

‘I'd rather work outside.’ Kima liked the open air, the fields, the garden. Also, if she went back to working the sugar cane maybe one day she could steal a mule and escape.

The grass cutting went much faster with Gil's help. He went back to shed at the end of the garden and got out a rake with which he collected all the loose grass and filled the sack with it. They took it together to the the shed.

‘Now let's go and play queimada’, he said.

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